Welcome back BCD Alliance Members

Hello BCD Alliance Members, as you know, BCD Alliance is an organization dedicated to supporting black-owned businesses. We understand that the civic, economic, and social prosperity of a community and the success of its business sectors. So, we have set out to build a world that benefits our community by supporting black-owned businesses within our community. As with most businesses in 2020 Covid-19 forced BCD Alliance to stop temporarily; however, we took that time to reimagine what this organization will do for our community and leverage our resources.  

What’s new! BCD Alliance operates on four pillars:
1.) Networking
3.) Galvanizing 
4.) Economics

As we develop programs for our membership, these four pillars will be at the core of the events. We want to help you accomplish your business goals. So be on the lookout for our Masterminds Sessions and Lunch and Learn Activities.

Did you know?

Listen to this: ” Launching and supporting Black-owned business by Mandy Bowman

Similarly, this is what we seek to do with the BCD Alliance Organization and it is truly through members like you that this can become possible.

” The Federal Reserve reviewed the financial health of small businesses around the country in 2019 and found that 58% of black business owners said their business’s financial health was either ” at-risk or distressed”, compared to just 27% of white business owners. While 37% of white business owners said their business was “healthy”, no other ethnic group broke 30% with the same response.” -Taken from NerdWallet.com.

Between unequal funding and necessary job creations for the National Economy, supporting black-owned businesses couldn’t be more critical…..and that is why BCD Alliance was created. 

New Changes meets New Opportunities

We started with revamping the website. We know that you have not been on the website for a while, so please go and reconnect, www.bcdalliance.org.

We revised our mission: “Be the most prominent international network of black business owners to empower each other by establishing reliable connections, enhancing business practices, and serving our community through mentorship, referrals, and training”.

We have created our vision: “Create a business economy valued at one billion dollars within our consortium of businesses”.

We have developed measurable goals: 20,000 plus members, $1 billion Economic Value of our business value, 12,000 plus business referrals,40, 000 plus employees.

We look forward to reconnecting with each of you and learning how you navigated the past two years and your goals for 2022. The connections we make will determine the growth of this community; if you know of any business owners that will benefit from this network, please invite them to join. We will be in touch soon; please look out for our emails. 

Meet Sierra Cole, Program Associate, BCD Alliance

Sierra Cole is a graduate of Montclair State University in 2020, where she attained a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. As the Program Coordinator, Sierra will be responsible for helping advance the mission and vision of BCD Alliance through the implementation of programs and community engagement. Her background is in Public Relations, Event Planning, Social Media Content Development and Management, Creative Writing, and Strategic Planning will benefit BCD Alliance and the membership. She also runs her own non-profit called ” Putting Heart into Homelessness.

Please log on to www.bcdalliance.org and say hi. Also, look out for the emails from Sierra to learn more about your business and goals.

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