BCD Alliance Master Mind Event Sessions Registration for Session 1

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Date(s) - January 7, 2022
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Hello and welcome to BCD Alliance’s first Master Mind Event (Session 1)

Objective: The mission and objective of BCD Alliance’s Master Mind events are to assist members in setting quarterly achievable but stretched goals for themselves and their business.  Each members participation in each meeting is crucial to the success of the program.  Each member’s experience, knowledge and personalities are a resource that can help someone else reach their goals. The event will be 30 minutes long and check-in meetings moving forward will be 45 minutes long. There will be a total of 20 spots available between this session and session 2. Within this first session, there will be 2 groups of 5. All of our organizational events such as our Master Mind, Lunch and Learn, and some others will take place in Canapii, an online event management platform that provides organizers with unique tools and solutions to host all types of events. To register for the Master Mind and all our other organization events, you must sign up for a Canapii account and then register for the Master Mind Session 1 event with the registration link below. The Canapii sign -up and registration linke will also be emailed to you for access too. With Canapii, you will enjoy this interactional experience exclusive for members only where you will engage with your peers and experts/business leaders. By having a Canapii account, you will be able to attend and participate in our events through the platform. We want you to have an engaging yet fun membership experience with us.

We believe in “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. “– African Proverbs

Easy steps to access and register for the Master Mind Events through Canapii: 


Step 1: Please set up a Canapii Account here.
Step 2: After setting up your Canapii account, go to this link and register for a seat. You will complete this and you will be sent an event confirmation to your email.

    • What is a Master Mind Group and what can you expect?
    • A master mind group is a group of peers who yearly meet to give each other guidance, advice, and support. Master Mind groups are typically spaced out between five to six members and is an intimate space where members can brainstorm, strategize, and develop ideas, goals, and action plans. BCD Alliance Master Mind Group Events are all about peer-to-peer mentoring where members come together to support one another and their businesses. It is all about offering positive feedback, insights, and advice when it comes to goal setting and achieving to improve one’s business. The first Master Mind Event is January 7th. Once we’ve received attendees, on the day of the event we will divide groups based upon business compatibilities and schedules. Make sure in your registration ticket that you write down your schedule that best works for you the day of the event. Before exiting the event, be sure to compare your schedules with your group members to prepare for the next ones.
    • Every week of each month, you and other members will be places in groups of 6 where you work on goal setting and achieving when it comes to your business. This first event will be 30 minutes and provide the outline of the Master Mind Events moving forward. After this event, you and your group will be able to manage the best times that work for specific timing of these sessions. After you’ve registered for the first event, the group that you are placed in will be your permeant group for each event. Occasionally, your groups maybe randomly rotated to give you different perspectives.
      Master Mind Event Details:
    • We believe in “We provide, you decide.” We want you to be diligent in selecting the times that best work for your schedule. After this first event, you and your group will choose whatever time best works for you, you and members of similar times will be paired. The scheduling of these events will be contingent overtime, but we want to give you and your group access to adjust times that work best. After the first event, every event that follows will be compiled of breakout meetings where groups will assess their goals and develop new ones. Each Master Mind Event of each month will focus on improving one’s business while meeting the business owner’s goals.
    • There are so many benefits that come out of participating in master mind groups such as stimulations of creativity and accountability. You will learn from like-minded individuals who share similar opinions and vision about their businesses. Our sessions are designed to help members network, learn, share, and grow through exchanging innovative ideas and information. As a peer-to-peer event, you and other members are encouraged to bring your business topics, ideas, and strategies to the table where you can help each other. You and your peers are some of your best resources, these events will allow you to discover networking, resourceful information, and build beneficial relationships to further grow your business.
    • Let us know if you’d like to be featured in our video promotions/recordings of the event via email or through the BCD Alliance website.
    • Come prepared with an agenda of what you would like to share during the group session.
    • Share your schedules (best times) for the next Master Mind Events with your group members during your working session.
    • Come with questions, information, and ideas.
    • Take notes and feel free to share in the spirit of collaboration.
    • Have a positive and productive attitude when giving feedback and sharing ideas.
    • After the event is over, take our exit survey and share your reflection of the event.
    • These sessions will enable you to gain fresh perspectives on how you can improve and take the next best steps. You will gain clarity and focus on your business and ways you can help it grow from different perspectives, resources, and tools. You can expect to learn from your peers, share connections with highly motivated individuals, and leave with innovative ideas to explore with your business. You and other members will be able to share business practices, information, guidance, skills, and suggestions on how to best improve their business and avoid common business pitfalls.
    • We look forward to seeing you soon and working with you to make your business successful! We invite you to welcome fresh faces to the membership and to our Master Mind Events.


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