About us

Who we are

Business Capacity Development Alliance (BCD Alliance) is a 501 (C) 3 non profit organization incorporated in New York State in 2019.

BCD Alliance’s goal is to create a consortium of Black-owned businesses dedicated to creating and developing the Black community. Based on the understanding that there is a direct connection between thriving business sectors and the economic, civic and social impact of our community, BCD Alliance will empower business leaders to take a place at the table to help increase the resources needed to change our communities. 

Our approach

Our Mission
Be the largest network of black business owners with a goal of empowering each other through the establishment of trustworthy connections, enhancing business practices and serving our community through mentorships, referrals, and training.
Our Vision
Create a business economy valued at one billion dollars within our consortium of businesses.
Master Mind Groups

 The creation of small mastermind groups allows business owners to develop and implement systems within their business for growth. 


Referral Program

Referrals remain a key part of any business’s success. Word of mouth referral can speak volumes about the quality of your business and lead to significant business growth. Our internal referral program is designed to do just that. 

Learning Community

The learning community is about business owners taking courses together or engaging in peer-to-peer learning.  The learning community allows us to get to know each other, learn from one another and support each other’s growth.


Community Managers

The community manager serves as the connector to all  programs. The CM will help to facilitate, community education, networking and referrals.